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Er werd een ETL Tester gevraagd...16 september 2012

Interview was pretty simple,good amount of basic questions were asked in the written test.

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meeenakshi never mailed me ...i have pinged people who mailed me((Piuyush)) .....on my office communicator..they told me meenakshi will get back to you... Minder

did u get the offer letter if not then will they release offer letter

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You are taking a test and one of the questions has been smudged so it is not legible, based on the answers alone, what has to be the correct answer: A. all of the below B. none of the below C. all of the above D. one of the above E. none of the above F. none of the above

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Maybe I'm having a bad day, but I don't get why F. is the answer.

I believe it's E, not F. If A is true, B has to be true - contradiction. If B is true, D is also true - contradiction. If C is true, A and B have to be true, but they are not. D can't be true because we already ruled out all of those above D. (skip E) F can't be true because E would also be true, which contradicts F. (back to E) E may be true because we did rule out all of the above. And if E is true then F is false, which is also consistent. Minder

This is incorrect. E only states that the letters above are incorrect, but does not disprove F. Thus, E also includes F as a true statement. However, F disproves the truth of E. Therefore the only answer does that is not contradicted by anything else is F. Minder

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Avani Cimcon

example of high and low priority bugs. SDLC stlc. boundary value analysis equivalent partionaing

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I guess the person has not appeared for any interview. If company does not want to select anyone why they waste their own time. If talented resource is not there then i guess its company's call to hire the person or not. And for your kind knowledge, already people are working with the company and they are talented enough. I guess you should prepare more to be hired. All the best. Minder

This guy is not even an employee of the company and still i don't know why he is this much bothered about the company. If you are not selected that is your problem. Humble request to glassdoor kindly don't allow outsiders to write about the company if they don't know anything. Minder

First of all Glassdoor is here for all outsiders to post their experience in company the application is made for such purpose for a open culture. Another thing friends All good reviews are posted by company HR or CTO please don't believe in good reviews else you will the another one posting bad reviews but after personal experience. Minder

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Sql query: There is a table, called alphabet, a column in it as alpha, there are 6 rows in that column as a,b,c,d,e,f. I want to display feabcd in output

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I tried using order by and row_number function.

select alpha, case when alpha='a' then 'f' when alpha='b' then 'e' when alpha='c' then 'a' when alpha='d' then 'b' when alpha='e' then 'c' when alpha='f' then 'd' end new_seq from alphabet; Minder

Use analytical function

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National Tyres and Autocare

Do you currently have your Mot qualification?

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No I don’t but I would like to get it


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there is a 5 lit can,3 lit can if i want 4 lit how will u give me?

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Fst take 5 litres can and pour into 3 litres can so 2 litres will be left in 5liter can then pour in 4 lit can you again repeat it Minder

Simple , I will bring a 3ltr can from my home ,Its lying useless in my home

Take half from 5 lit can 2.5 & half from 3 lit can....2.5+1.5: 4

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Do you remember apti's first round .question , if yes plz tell . Is there just technical apptitude like S/W Testing Questions , SQL and DBMS or Quantitative ,reasoing ?? Plz reply Minder

I have applied , Please tell me what should i cover in Syllabous ?

Can you please tell what did they as in technical round. tell me ASAP

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You are given a beaker and a single bacterium, which will reproduce into two bacteria in exactly 1 minute, at 12:00 noon. It is full at 1:00 pm. When was it half full?

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It's a simple 2^x thing, so if it's full at 1:00 and doubles every 1 minute, it was half full one minute prior at 12:59. Minder

12:29 it will be half and full at 1:00pm

It is exponential growth and it is half full at 12:59. The beaker will be full at 2^60 , dividing this by 2 is 2^59. where the 59 is the minutes. Minder

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Tata Consultancy Services

test life cycle in assurance

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explained all phases of test lifecycle

Software Testing Life Cycle 1.Requirment analysis 2.Test planning 3.Test Designing/Test case development 4.Environment setup 5.Test Execution 7.Test cycle closure/Test reporting Minder

Software Testing Life Cycle 1.Requirment analysis 2.Test planning 3.Test Designing/Test case development 4.Environment setup 5.Test Execution 7.Test cycle closure/Test reporting Minder

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Fulcrum Logic

There are 3 baskets. one of them have apples, one has oranges only and the other has mixture of apples and oranges. The labels on their baskets always lie. (i.e. if the label says oranges, you are sure that it doesn't have oranges only,it could be a mixture) The task is to pick one basket and pick only one fruit from it and then correctly label all the three baskets.

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Ross is absolutely correct! If you were to pick from the mixed label, then it could only be apples or oranges. If you picked an apple, then that would cancel out the probability of an apple for the orange label. Thus, the orange label must be mixed. Therefore, the apples label must be oranges. Minder

Since ALL of the baskets are incorrectly labeled, you know without testing anything that: The basket labeled APPLES actually contains all oranges or a mixture. The basket labeled ORANGES actually contains all apples or a mixture. The basket labeled APPLES AND ORANGES contains either all apples or all oranges. If you select one piece of fruit from the basket labeled APPLES AND ORANGES and: If it is an apple, you know that the basket labeled APPLES AND ORANGES must contain all apples, and therefore the basket labeled ORANGES can only contain the mixture, and the basket labeled APPLES must contain all oranges. But if it is an orange, you know that the basket labeled APPLES AND ORANGES must contain all oranges, and therefore the basket labeled APPLES can only contain the mixture, and the basket labeled ORANGES must contain all apples. Src: http://www.algebra.com/algebra/homework/word/misc/Miscellaneous_Word_Problems.faq.question.178983.html Minder

The question is poorly phrased as it doesn't state that there is a "mixed" or "apples and oranges" label. The baskets could be labelled "apples", "apples" and "oranges". It would then be impossible to deduce the correct labels. Minder

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