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Schatting maken van het aantal schermen in de handel ruimte en er voor ons een markt van maken.

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Why do you need to remember the value of 1/7? Can't you calculate 11/7 to 5 decimal places in 10 secs?

Hi Ash, the fact is that it was not the "smart way" to do the division like we all know. If you know the value of 1/7 and notice that 11/7 is 10*1/7 + 1/7 then it's not 10 seconds you need but 2. I was actually stopped after the third decimal. It seems 1/7 is a value to know like 1/8 and so on. Cheers. Paul.

Hi Paul, Thanks a lot for getting back to me. Now I understand what you meant. By the way, wouldn't it take much more time in adding 1.42857... and 0.142857... than calculating the value directly? I have face-to-face interviews later in this month. Your post was really detailed and I can't thank you enough for that. I have few doubts though: 1. 25 horse puzzle: was it how many number of races would it take to find the top 3 fastest horses given you can race max 5 at a time? 2. Do you remember any other brainteasers? 3. Didn't they ask any Options n Greeks question in the face to face tech interview? Would you like to give any other advice or tips? Cheers! Ash

What makes you a good trader?

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Make a market on the number of kangaroos in Australia.

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You start a tennis game at 30-30. You have a probability of winning each point of 0.6. What is the probability of you winning the game?

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Two brain teasers at the end of the interview

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Similar type probability and market-making questions to other trading firms. Big emphasis on quick mental maths

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Mouse is to elephant as small is to...

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So far just passed the online numerical test. It was pretty easy, like 0.1234-0.23=? Only includes +,-,*,/.

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Het interview is vrij standaard en is gericht op de motivaties waarom je het bedrijf kiest.

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For example, 20X49= 723-532= 3125+3099=

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