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What makes you a good trader?

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What do the second and third interviews consist of?

2nd is an interview with Trade Floor Manager and 3rd with a VP.

What else were you asked in your HR interview?

What would you do if CEO misinterpret your words?

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First part: 2 minutes (multiplications, divisions, additions, subtractions of whole numbers (1 up to max4 digit numbers) in pairs of two - no integers included, 2nd part: 10 min with the same type of questions. 3rd and 4th part: 10 min each with questions such as if you travel with 23 km/h how much distance you cover in 2.9 days. Also similar time questions, calculate area of a rectangle, addition of a series of numbers e.g. 1...29, the powers of 2 e.g. 2^9, calculations of more than two numbers with sometimes useful to use operation properties to come to the solution, few integers were included in the last part and also simple equations of x).

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Waarom wil je dit traineeship doen?

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Beschrijf een situatie waarbij je een persoonlijk doel bereikte

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De keuze voor IT & SAP en de verwachtingen bij het traineeship.

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Is sales iets wat je echt graag doet?

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Do you have any more offers from other companies currently?

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Wat zijn je goede eigenschappen?

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Waarom wil je bij een corporate als KLM werken?

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