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Er werd een Transportation Supervisor gevraagd...29 januari 2023

Star Interview method was implemented

Tell me about yourself and your past experience


Why did you choose Stericycle?

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I explained to them that my previous employer was a vendor for their facility.

IBI Group

Do you know Python programming?

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No, but I am willing to learn it.


How is your education background and experience will help you fit to this position?


What type of work gets you out of bed in the morning? What is your least favorite task in your current or previous role?

Hoare Lea

1) Why did you apply for the 'Vertical Transportation Design Engineer' position?

AEC Talent Acquisition Consultants

What makes a great leader?

DHL Supply Chain

What was one time that you've worked within a team environment and how did you deal with adversity within this team?

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

Describe a project in the past where you had to work with a variety of stakeholders with competing interests.

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