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Assessment day

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Significantly tougher and more pressure compared to interview. Also nice interviewers, but at a very different pace.

How much was the salary in this program ?

Interview: standards of leadership

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Why Unilever?

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•How do you feel this day went ? •How do you think it could have gone better ?

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E.g. recall a situation in which you had to ask for help, recall a situation in which you had to convince others of your point, recall a situation in which you had to motivate others...etc.

A couple of online games you can play on your phone. It involved games like dividing money, clicking to collect pretend money.

•How would you get your team to overcome failure ?

Wat zijn je prioriteiten? Hoe overtuig je anderen van jouw plan? Wat zouden de resultaten zijn?

•How do you suggest we appeal to younger generations ?

•Do you think people trust Unilever ?

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