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What is your design process?

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I explained all the steps I try to do in a project.

Focusing on both UX and UI, propose an evolution of the filter experience that aligns both desktop and mobile experience. Keep in mind that: • the four main filters (price, ratings, hotel class, and location) are still considered very important to most users • the usage of concepts increases the relevance of hotels presented, and thus increases the likelihood that users will book • concepts are not a feature that is expected from users, and should therefore be easy to discover Bring your improvement proposal across to us with the tools and means you think are the most effective.

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What is design thinking for you? Which company would you like to work for (if you'd be able to choose any you want)? Which difficulties did you meet while doing the assessment? Did you enjoy doing it? What is your favourite app and how would you improve it? Do you prefer working in a team? Which is your favourite project in your portfolio and why?