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State Farm
Er werd een Underwriting Service Assistant gevraagd...11 februari 2016

1. What do you know about State Farm ? 2. Do you have any knowledge of what an Underwriting Assistant does ? 3. Give an example of when you had a difficult customer or coworker. How did you handle the situation and what was the outcome ? 4. Name an experience where you used multiple technologies. 5. Tell us about yourself. 6. Name a time where you lead a team and the details.

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I have had IT experience for the past 15 years. I was looking forward to trying a new field within the insurance company and had hoped this position I applied for was entry level enough that I could be trained and get some experience. I will keep trying ! Minder

All these interview questions are for interviews at State Farm. Does anyone have an answers from the questions? Minder

I wish I knew also ! I didn't get the job so I either answered incorrectly, or didn't have the qualifications on my resume'. :( Minder

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State Farm

describe a time you went above and beyond for a customer

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Still says being reviewed by the hiring manager

Have you gotten an offer letter yet?

Update; I received confirmation of being selected for this position. The process started with me applying July 7th and finding out today, nearly a month after my person-to-person interview. Minder

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State Farm

Why should we pick you for the position?

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I highlighted my strengths that coincided with the qualifications that they were looking for and spoke from my heart about my genuine desire to excel and grow within the organization. Minder

How much is the salary for the position

Liberty Mutual Insurance

If you were given an assignment you know you cannot complete on time, what would you do?

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I would confirm the deadline and what is required. Then confirm if the task is transferable. If that is not doable I would ask what is the priority of the task and if it is a hot button issue I would ask if my other task can be re-prioritized or given to another associate to complete. Minder

I would solicit assistance from a team member to see if they had the capacity to complete the task; then I would alert my manager that I would not be able to complete the task by the deadline. However, I have asked So and so and they have the capacity to complete the task by such and such and then transfer the task. Minder

State Farm

This was the first question: Please tell me about yourself.

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Following STAR, I took the opportunity to discuss who I am. I followed information from my resume top down filling in potential gaps to further distinguish myself from others. Minder

What does your status say on the careers site? Any offer yet?

State Farm

provide an example of a project that you accomplished.

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That doesn't actually answer the question, only that you answered it.

I gave an example.

Aviva Canada

What matters most to you

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People as they support u, guide u, train u so u get good experience & get to grow Minder

Aviva Canada

What are your strengths, weakness ?

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Calm attitude, experience working in faces paced environment.

Bass Underwriters

Can you multi task

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Of course

Scottish American Insurance

She asked me if I was able to work independently.

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I said yes, I thrive better in an environment where little to no supervision is required. I personally work better if I am not micro-managed. Minder

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