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In this third challenge, You’re working as a Key Account Manager in Food & Beverages and one of your customers is a large national supermarket chain. You have a good relationship with your key contacts there although you sometimes struggle to get them to execute promotions in the way Unilever, and you, would like them to. You have a big promotion coming up for one of your products and really want to make sure your customer fully engages with this so that you, and they, gain the desired uplift in sales. You have a meeting with your key contacts tomorrow and want to raise this with them then. So in this case, • How do you approach this conversation with your customer? • How do you ensure you understand your customer’s needs? • What questions would you ask your customer? • What else would you discuss with your customer to get their full backing for this promotion?

Very demanding, practical questions, where you had to work on a real type of problem, showing the best possible solutions such as: - How would you target a specific group through all online channels, how would you justify it, why would that help improve sales, how would you trigger impulse sales of this specific product during this campaign - How would you make your planning during an extensive tasks, what are the main tools you'd use in this situations, how do you consider you would deliver effective results ...