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Bloomberg L.P.
Er werd een Senior Unix/C++ Developer - Tradebook gevraagd...3 mei 2011

Sequence of numbers in random order and 1 of them is missing how to find that out...

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If the sequence is guaranteed to contain only positive integers, it can be done like so: Read in the sequence, noting the MIN and MAX numbers. The sum IF it started from 1 would be MAX(MAX-1)/2. The sum of the 'missing' numbers (from 1 up to where the sequence actually starts) is (MIN-1)*MIN/2. The missing number is given by taking the difference between the two: X = [MAX*(MAX-1) - (MIN-1)*MIN]/2. Minder

Oops, in addition to what I put above there is a final step to get the actual answer. The missing number is equal to X minus the sum of the numbers given. Minder

N(N+1)/2 - sum of the input = missing number

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Bloomberg L.P.

5 adjacent parking spots. whats the probability 2 cars next to each other

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Assuming the situation is that 2 cars park in these spots, what is the probably that they park next to one another, then the answer is indeed 40%. There are 20 different possible scenarios (5 spots for the first car to park in, times 4 for the second car). If the first car parks on either end (2/5 chance), then there is a 1/4 chance that the second car will park next to the first. If the first car parks in the middle 3 spots (3/5 chance), there is a 2/4 chance that the second car will park next to the first. The combined probability for the cars parking next to each other is (2/5 * 1/4 + 3/5 * 2/4 = 8/20 = 40%). Minder



The interviewers had little or zero knowledge of UNIX and kept asking questions specifically about Java and Tomcat. Understandably a sysadmin should know the basic fundamentals of such software, however these questions were more developer oriented. "How would you change the pixels of java app...", "What makes you the best and the brightest?"

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1. At this point, as a Unix Administrator, I see my job being to ensure that the java app is accessible and has the proper ownership and permissions are associated with it, so that an experienced Java developer like yourself would be able to change the pixels of a java app. 2. Since I don't have an ego I couldn't say, but I can only tell you what others like my ex-boss and peers have said about me.... Minder

1. Pixels? app?.... umm what does this have to do with an operating system again? 2. I don't recall claiming to be the best or the brightest... and If i was you wouldn't have the pleasure of interviewing me right now.. LOL. Minder

Vector India

related to c,c++,unix coding as well as some powerfull knowledge in core electronics.

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as per the question.

DeVry Education Group

How would you get a ping pong ball out of a pipe in the ground if given a rubber band, piece of paper, and a paper clip.

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I asked if I had access to water, and suggested I would use water to bring the ball to the surface. Minder

Cognizant Technology Solutions

How will debug segmentation fault in java and C program..

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My answer: usulay java create stack trace and UNIX process (if permitted, ulimit) core fie which is an image of process when it receive SIGSEGV signal. Minder


Do you feel that you would need/want additional training if you took this role?

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Trick question; say you don't need any and are very confident in your experience. This place is very sink or swim. Minder

GS Lab

TCP Client Server programming. Libraries Compilations. Multithreading. Strings. Linked Lists. SIP Offer Answer. SIP Headers. Puzzles

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They take too many rounds, and call you multiple times at their office. Don't take telefonic, only take F2F. Take a written test even for 8-10 yrs exp people (so you can't take half-day-leave). Still don't release the offer because they are too much calculative. They want the better employees but don't want to pay good & offer good designation. So they keep on taking unnecessary interviews with upper managements ; who try to scare you, pressurize you with irrelevant languages/skills/puzzles, just to prove that you may not FIT. Minder


What will you do if your colleague is stealing the financial data from other people?

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I will report to my manager or security office.

City of Seattle

Tell me how you handle difficult technical issues?

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Gave a overview of a time I was under the gun to fix a problem that kept the entire office from doing any computer based work. Basically assess the situation, what has changed recently, and research or come up with a plan to resolve the problem. Minder

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