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Er werd een Software Engineer, User Experience gevraagd...20 november 2016

Given a linked list of characters, print the characters in reverse order.

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reverse the linked list, iterate through it and print, reverse it back.

traverse through it using a recursive function with a printing statement after the traversal statement so when it gets to the end of the function and its returning, it will print along the way. Minder

def reverse[T](seq: Seq[T]): Seq[T] = { seq match { case Nil => Seq() case head :: tail => reverse(tail) :+ head } } println(reverse(List('A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E'))) Minder


Using a nested for() loop is inefficient, can you do it more efficient than the native String.indexOf() method? Without nesting for loops or recursion.

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Convert the strings to objects with each word being added as a property to speed up the lookup. I had heard of this technique but never done it myself. Minder

sort the words will be done in n Log n . for each word in 1st string do binary search on other string which will run in n log n so overall complexity will be n log n. Minder

Fusion Alliance

"You have 30 minutes to show us what you've got."

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Ask more specifics on the position. The recruiter gave me NO information on the available position, so I was under the impression that I was up for consideration in several positions.. Minder

I can tell you what I don't got -- a job.


Given two strings of words create an algorithm to return all the words that occur in only one of the two strings. A word can be in one string many times and still pass as long as it's not in the other.

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My answer started out a simple string comparison, but then realized the algorithm needs to be a little more complex to satisfy the requirement. I turned the strings into arrays, then created a function that used a nested for loop to compare the arrays. similar to the native String.indexOf() method, only customized for the requirement. Minder

You can use a hash map to count the words in the two arrays. Words with count==1 are the answer Minder

Technology Resource Group (CA)

How to remove a text box out of 5 boxes arranged in loop (Parent Box to Child box) with the help of Javascript?

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with the help of addClass and removeClass function using (this)


how to make a bot for Candy crush

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design an Algorithm using your common sense

Star2Star Communications

Describe your design process

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Same thing happened to me - what company asks you to do a project - aka homework... stupid and a waste of time Minder


Why did you want to join the company?

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Benefits and my skills matches with the position


Why should we choose you?

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Because i'm more qualified for the job than most candidates waiting outside

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