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Er werd een Nurse Medical Management II (Originally Utilization Management RN) gevraagd...20 november 2013

Three questions: "Tell me about yourself" and "how do you deal with conflict with a co-worker," and "Tell me about a time when you had a project to complete and how you handled it"

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These are all common interview questions, and luckily I prepared to answer each one of these…Although I don't think it came out as articulately as I would have liked. I got the job nonetheless :- ) Minder

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin

Why do you think you are the candidate we should choose for this position?

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How would you handle dealing with someone who is going through a crisis type situation. Minder


I don't remember the questions that they asked

Cambia Health Solutions

"Tell me an experience I had when working with others in my field, how I handled it and what was the outcome?"

McLaren Health Care

Why does UM interest you? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your knowledge base regarding managed care?


Do you live within 2 hours of an Aetna location? (not written on any of their job postings)

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