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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Er werd een Utilization Review Nurse gevraagd...23 juli 2020

Tell us about yourself. Describe your work experience. What can you bring to the table for our company.

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I am a RN with years of experience with both direct patient care then transitioning into Case Management which has been my focus for over 8 years. I have worked in the role as a Community Based Health Manager with my most recent experience since 2018 - present in Utilization Review, completing reviews using MCG criteria amongst multiple other responsibilities while interacting with team Members and Physicians. Minder

I bring to this role a strong work ethic as well as the ability to work efficiently and independently. Minder

VA Health

Have you ever had many different tasks given to you at the same time? How did you manage these

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Need to say what happened, how you solved the problem and what was the outcome.

Passport Health Plan by Molina Healthcare

Why do you think you would be a good fit for this job?

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My previous experience was a perfect fit for this jobs requirements and just explained that I was confident in my abilities. Mainly talked about certain cases and how I would handle them in regards to nursing judgement. Minder


why I wanted to change from hands on

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I was very Honest I needed a change

McBee Associates

Lets role play an actual phone call to a provider....

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Good afternoon ! My name is LauraLynn and I am a nurse calling from McBee Associates on behalf of a patient whom you have had under your care recently. I would like just a few moments of your time to discuss initial eligibility and coverage determinations for “ Mr B “, screening for medical necessity appropriateness, determining additional information required, and referral to correct departments. Is now a good time for you to discuss this in its entire ready or is there a better time either later today or tomorrow for us to discuss this at length? Minder

Fresno County

What skills do you have to better serve the people we serve

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From memory

Cambia Health Solutions

How have you handled a time you did not agree with your supervisor?

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I requested a private meeting to further my understanding of the issue.

UnitedHealth Group

If your house was on fire, what would be the top 3 things you would grab from the burning home?

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Loaded question. They'll use it to judge you by *their* standards, which may differ from your own. For instance, if you say "pets, husband, purse" they will think that you value superficial stuff over human (not realizing that husbands can get their own self out but pets need help, and if you have your purse/wallet, you can at least call your insurance company and get a room for the night). I bet some interviewers would like to see "my Bible" in that list. Minder


What do you do for stress?

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Exercise, read a book, listen to music

AmeriHealth Caritas

Name a time when..., what is your biggest professional accomplishment up to this point?

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When I finished medical assistance program

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