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Reliant Funding
Er werd een VP Analytics gevraagd...4 mei 2021

Q: What was a challenging project

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Standard answer with a challenge, why it was a challenge, how I overcame it and lesson learned. Minder

Credit One Bank

How do you deal with the personalities on a team like this?

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First and foremost, I am one of those people. I'm a bit more on the extroverted side of it, but people who go into data are passionate about something. I try to get to know those passions, how they learn and play to it because they are almost all curious. *note: it's a pleasure to work with talented data professionals, hardly something that is just to be dealt with, strong personalities and all.* Minder

Reliant Funding

Q: What is your strategy philosophy for your area of work?

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I am goal / objective driven in everything from how I prioritize projects, align metrics to BI / analytics, and how we help align business with technology initiatives. Minder

RBS Citizens

Tell me about your previous experience on "Very specific area they are looking for".

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I happen to have very specific knowledge on the area, and almost was teaching about the subject. I did not think however the question was reasonable if the interviewer did not understood the subject. No way to judge. Minder

Pacific Life

Details of my current role etc.

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General description of my current work.

Tata Consultancy Services

How would you work with other stake holders to seek thier support to grow the business which is won with team effort?

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By showcasing the unquie delivery and domain expertise of KPO to support other the client in having value creation for thee services through analytics enablers. To showcase client that we are one stop solution and integrated eam though we may have many independent service Untis Minder


How have you constructed dashboards and reporting for multiple stakeholders across both client-side and internal audiences?

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Described my experience both building and writing build requirements for overall BI dashboards and marketing performance dashboards. Minder


Tell us about how you resolved a recent work conflict?

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By taking that manager aside and expressing my dissatisfaction with her comments directly and privately. Minder


Tell us about your practical application for data and analytics

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It has been a while since the question, but I believe I walked through my work within my career. Throughout the interview, and maybe not for this question, I spoke about data and analytical strategy. I look forward to implementing this at BrainStorm Minder


The position required thorough knowledge of data anaytics and reporting and the discussion around driving business performance through analytics was very engaging.

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Of particular note was discussion about " version of the truth".

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