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Er werd een Vice President Information Security gevraagd...1 december 2016

They wanted answers to the problems they were facing

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I sensed a fouls play in my second interview and have them answers that involved long term solutions. Minder

Seems the person they hired for this role for let go within 6 months. I dodged a bullet! Minder


Tell me something about yourself that isn't represented on your resume.

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I have had a “TBI” traumatic brain injury since birth and I have ADHD and was labeled all throughout my schooling that I would never amount to much and that I needed someone watching me all my life. I have proved everyone wrong, I made it through all my schooling and graduated college. I am now a Senior Information Security & Compliance Professional for General Dynamics Electric Boat, and I run and am in charge of over 700+ classified Repository’s and over 60 classified closed areas. I am going on 12 years with that corporation. Minder


Basic interview questions confirming details on the resume. Nothing technical or strategy focused.

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Honestly. I confirmed many of the details and told the recruiter what I was looking for in a position. She informed me of how the role fit in the company. When pressed she mentioned the hiring manager would provide more detail. Minder


You need to compress and encrypt data for transmission, which do you do first and why?

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Compress then encrypt. Encryption virtually eliminates the data similarities that make compression possible. Minder


My experience, my language, my education

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Hi this is interesting so how deep did they go in technical discussions?

Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union

Four very good job related questions were asked and I had about 2 or 3 days to submit my responses via email

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If you didn't get an in-person interview, then obviously they didn't care for your responses. The salary, for their size, was commensurate for the area. It was greater than 150k. Minder


Tell me more about your experience.

Mindoula Health

Briefly describe your management style and how you motivated your team members to complete projects on time.

Mindoula Health

List 4-5 different areas of security that you are experienced with (ex: Incident Response, SEIM, etc).

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