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UVS InfoTech
Er werd een Vice President - Professional and Strategy Consulting Services gevraagd...20 september 2013

1) Why should one listen to you when you are leading the team 2) What is the difference between leadership and management

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1. One should listen to the leader for learning the reason behind his assignment for doing the right things with a right priority. 2. Leadership is creating and executing a strategy. Management is repeating the executed strategy or policy without exceptions and doing right things at right time. Minder

What did I think about their business and opportunity

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Positively based on the information they had provided, which I found to be incorrect when starting. Minder


What are our biggest challenges as an agency in the next 2-3 years.

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Keeping clients in the impending economic downturn. They thought this would not be a problem. Minder

Harte Hanks

Tell me about what you have sold recently.

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Tried to respond as best as I could about selling in ideas and participating in new business pitches BUT this was an interview for a strategy position and I am a candidate with strategy experience not cold calling and hard selling. Minder

American Heart Association

Why do you want to work for the American Heart Association?

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I am very passionate about health and wellness and I am excited about working with a national and global organization whose main focus is prevention of cardiovascular disease, disability and death. I am impressed with the corporate culture which encourages life-work balance and the incredible benefits AHA has to offer. Minder

Run of the middle, "how to you manage accounts"? That ilk.

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I gave a cookie-cutter answer, not rocket science.


In addition to the general questions of someone of that level -- there was a work-show component where I presented 4-5 examples of work I'd done.

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I put together a short deck with 5 work samples and let the interviewers choose what to focus on. Minder


Please explain your experience

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Gave an overview of my 30+ years experience


How do you build a brand for a company looking to expand in another country?

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Can you give an example of how you influenced the target's behavior?

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What is your passion outside of the office?

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