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Er werd een Vice President of Human Resources gevraagd...13 juli 2017

Asked what I would have done if the CEO asked me to a meeting?

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I think we must have spoken to the same person. Essentially the Director of Recruiting doesn't want a new boss, or feels that she should be the VPHR, so she's condescending and dismissive. Minder

This entire process was insane. I interviewed with a group of entry level HR people, NONE of which had any experience, including the Director of HR, who was very unfriendly, inexperienced and cleary threatened by the new role. needless to say, I interviewed with the entire team as round 1, and not even the Chief Operating Officer. Waste of time allowing inexperienced people interview VP level candidates and chose their boss Minder

Stay clear of this position and interview process. There are children responsible for interviewing for this role, those whom would work for this position. Its been open for over a year... and the HR Team is weak and inexperienced and should not be interviewing as a group of 10. The questions they asked were also very basic, something you would ask an entry level HR person. Minder

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King's Daughters

Why I would want to relocate to eastern KY.

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The people are warm and friendly and the area is within easy driving distance of larger metropolitan areas. Minder

I will relocate to wherever that need to for this position it’s not a problem . I’m single and no children . Minder

I was raised on New Buckley RD in Ironville and I will be relocating back close to there my old home town and I’m proud . I love the small town feel , friendliness, closeness of all my friends and family . Minder


2nd interview was with very basic questions about Comp&Ben, Employee Relations and Diversity skills.

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The JD changed from a generalist role including talent management, L&D, etc., to a more specific Administrative role. Salary was not either at a VP level and no bonus payment. I declined to continue in the process. Minder

Be glad.. and you are right.. not a VP level position based on how they position it. Minder


How experienced are you with event planning? We are organizing events every month for our employees (about 1000) and that would be one of the main tasks for this position.

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Comment: every executive assistant does event planning throughout the year, this is not too difficult to expand to any number of participants once you have the basics down for event planning. It seems as the position Gen-Probe is trying to recruit for is less an executive assistant but rather an event planning. As this question of event planning experience was the main focus of all three conducted interviews, it begs the question if this is truly an executive assistant position. The position title should rather read: Event Planner with administrative assistant experience. Minder

MSC Software

Given what you know, why would you want to accept this position?

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...like fire a bunch of people?

I don't have the heart to do the work that I know will be required.

GE Aerospace

Just for formality

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Anyone in infosec and without cissp should be fired—irrespective if title

At GE, if you are internal candidate then you don’t need the relevant experience as would be required for an external candidate. It is pretty much who you know and how much. Look at some VPs and even CISOs and they got jobs just because they have been there ling enough. Minder

Metabolic Living

There are 9 other questions coming, they're all for very specific reasons, we read them all and do not use AI. The key is to provide as much depth as you feel necessary to differentiate. Here's #1: Why are you leaving your current job, what excites you most about this opportunity and how does it align with your 5-10 year vision for your professional advancement? Required 2) Have you lead the setup of a PMO and/or lead project management company-wide before? If so, please describe that experience, what you did, what you learned and whether it involved SAFe or a similar scaled project management framework? Required 3) What role does health and wellness play in your life? Do you have a particular approach, or philosophy you follow? What’s your daily routine? Are there any challenges you have overcome that you are super proud of? Required 4) What’s best example of you successfully juggling fulfilling your duties as a leader of project managers while also diving hands-on into the nitty-gritty to actually manage a particularly challenging project? Required 5) What are you most passionate about outside of work that you invest a lot of personal time into (aside from family and pets :-))? Required 6) What's the best example of a customer-facing digital product / mobile app project you successfully delivered into the iOS and/or Android stores – briefly, what was the objective, what obstacles did you have to overcome, what did you learn from it? Required 7) What role do habits and routines play in your professional and personal life? Please share a specific example that brings to life your beliefs around these topics. Required 8) Aside from "when can I start?" :-) what's your #1 question for us? Required 9) Being hyper-organized, systems- and process-focused is critical to success in this role – what’s a brief example that best demonstrates those skills?

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In a lot of detail and with carefully consideration. However, it was moot and not worth my time. Minder

Companies that do this are lazy and careless

Why do you want to switch after 10 years??

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Progress is important to me. It is to most. I want to stretch beyond my current role, develop newer skills and also add value to the organisation i join. Minder

Why didnt you all this while?

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Flustered but handled it.


Request to review NDAs from previous employer (which was in validity for 2 years beyond the time of end of contract).

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No problem! I had to get clearance from the legal department of the previous company. Minder

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