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  • Philips is ranked #1 in The Muse's list of the Top 25 Most Amazing Companies to Work for.  Read why Philips made it to the top of the list. 

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    25 Companies We Love Right Now

    It's almost Valentine's Day. But, if you ask us, this day doesn't need to be only about romantic love. It should be about celebrating anything that makes you feel all warm, fuzzy, and heart-eyed. Want your career to make it on that list?

  • It was no ordinary day at work for Philips’ employee Thomas Hagebols when he and fellow young data scientists Joost and Khaterah sat down with Jeroen Tas, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer. Watch them talk about technology opportunities in healthcare. And prepare to learn more about why there’s never been a better time for young talent to bring big ideas to life in the digital healthcare space.

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  • Wouldn’t be great if your job could help improve the lives of billions of people around the world, while also protecting our planet? That’s what we do at Philips: while we strive to make the world healthier, we do our best to protect the planet we live in. Want to know some facts about sustainability at Philips? Check out the infographic.

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    Sustainability infographic

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  • With her degree in electrical engineering completed, Paula Gibson joined Philips as an intern almost two years ago. Today she's onboard full-time and has some advice for soon-to-be graduates considering a career at Philips. Learn more about her journey.

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    From an intern to a full time Philips employee | Philips

    Check out Paula's journey at Philips and the advice she has for future employees... at Philips

  • Philips is one step closer to seeing its desire for an open pathology platform turn into reality. With over 16 millions digitized tissue slides software developers and research scientists can now use Philips Pathology SDK, allowing them to access real-time and dynamic pathology data which can be used for example in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) deep learning algorithms with the aim to increase the sensitivity and specificity of tumor detection software. Read on to learn more.

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    Philips Pathology SDK now available to software developers and research scientists

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Royal Philips announces the release of its Pathology Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows software developers and research scientists to access pathology image data stored in the iSyntax format. This will help open up new opportunities for further visualization, data mining, and image processing of histopathology images using third-party applications, beyond the Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution .

  • Healthy living and prevention are at the core of personal health at Philips. In this blog, Philips’ Personal Health Chief Business Lead Roy Jakobs shares how we’re helping to put people in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing their health and wellbeing.

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    Beyond Quantified Self: the rise and rise of the active health consumer

    It's been around 10 years since the first Fitbit hit the market. Suddenly, and for the first time, we as consumers could count our steps and monitor our sleep and heart rate without stepping inside the doctor's consulting room.

  • We could say a lot about how amazing an internship at Philips is. But we think our interns say it better. Join our research intern, Oussama, on an unforgettable journey to Kenya as part of our collaboration with Amref, supporting primary healthcare in Africa. Check out Oussama’s vlog here.

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  • The gig economy has inspired a new movement that offers a dynamic and innovative approach to work, empowering employees to find their path to a rewarding career. Could adopting a gig culture at your company help you meet the long-term needs of your employees and your organisation? Here are 5 simple steps that could help you implement a program of your own.

    The future of work: 5 things to know about adopting a gig culture in your company

    Just as the disruptive mindset has transformed industries, businesses and markets, it has also revolutionised the way we work. Technology and infrastructure have given rise to a gig economy which has expanded employment possibilities beyond traditional full-time roles.

  • Who said that going for excellence can’t be fun? Working at Philips, you discover that we work really hard but we can also play hard . This year’s Philips Excellence Competition was, once again, no exception: take a look at how teams from across the world and across the organization got together at our head quarters in Amsterdam to get rewarded for their great work at Philips and celebrate our culture.

  • For Sharath Kalyan, working to serve a bigger purpose makes his job at the Philips Innovation Campus in India truly meaningful. “I’ve seen the difference that high-quality healthcare makes in people’s lives,” he explains. Find out what he’s doing to help fulfill Philips’ mission of improving three billion lives by 2030.

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    Changing healthcare for the better, one step at a time | Philips

    Since I was young, I've wanted to make the world a better place. I grew up in a family of doctors; my father is a doctor and my uncle a neurosurgeon. My interest in healthcare was sparked by the discussions they'd have about complex cases they were working on.

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