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Er werd een Python/Django Developer gevraagd...24 mei 2018

# n=3 * * * @ * @ * @ * * * #n=5 * * * @ * * * @ * * * @ * * * @ * * * @ * * * somewhat similar to these !

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I was only able to do this : * * * @ * * * @ * * @ * @ Minder

Please elaborate your question.. How question pattern looks like. It's seems in single line and you printed in multiple lines... thank-you Minder

n = int(input("num")) print("* " ) print("* ", end="") print("* ", end="") print("@ ", end="") print("\n") for i in range(n-2, 0, -1): m = n-1-i for j in range(i): print("* " , end="") print("@ ", end="") for k in range(m): print("* ",end="") print("\n") print(" ", end="") print(" ", end="") print("@ ", end="") print("* ", end="") print("* ") for m in range(5): if m<4: print(" ", end="") else: print("* ") Minder

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Amplus Energy Solutions

Python Django Basics and Project Architecture

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Questions are not very hard. Mostly around designing project architecture and up to mark basics. Minder


If you had to design from day zero, an horizontally scalable REST-API, which techniques would you suggest to use? How would you structure the architecture of the backend? How would you structure the DB?

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I have mentioned that the backend application has to be stateless, so that no state information is stored with each app instance. Split everything in app layer, DB layer, cache, session db, etc. Then add a load balancer in front of you multiple app instances an you have a horizontally scalable REST API. Minder

Hilton Software Technologies

what are modules you used at the time of practice ?

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os sys math random data time JSON


Code review and bug fix of live code from their project.

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Just go with the flow like you would in an office environment and it can be answered. Minder

Kintu Designs

tell me about oops concepts and how many types?

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i give answer in detail about oops concepts.


Generic question about my career, background, tech stack.

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Told what there is.


Assume that as a result of a POSTed message you want to execute a long-running task (that normally lasts for 5 minutes). How would you implement this behavior?

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Use an asyncronous task queue/job queue system like Celery or MRQ.

Softrefine Technology

Q Make one form which takes normal registration details and deal with the majority of input data like date, numbers, string, and use validations also

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I have to implement it within 1 hour or more. I have done it.

Questions on Data Structure, Database and Django

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I can answer

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