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Er werd een React Developer gevraagd...25 augustus 2022

Normal react job interview questions

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if it was normal react interview then why did not u get the job?

"Normal react questions" doesn't describe the questions at all. "Normal" can whether be basics like "what is a component" or advanced like "how can you improvde the performance without React.memo" Minder

True the questions were a bit difficult. What I have a problem with is the task that we were supposed to complete within 8hrs. I feel like that's really unfair. Minder


All snowboarders hate long summers. Amusement park owners like long summers because of increased profits. Some doctors are snowboarders. Which of the following statements make proves that no doctors are amusement park owners.

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I don't remember the multiple choice options given.

What was the salary that you suggested and what salary range do you think that they expected? Minder

Question is: All snowboarders don't like long summers. All amusement park owners like long summers because long summers mean increased profits. Some doctors are snowboarders. Which one of the following statements, if true and added to those above, would most support the conclusion that no amusement park owners are doctors? (A) All people with increasing profits own amusement parks. (B) Some snowboarders are doctors. (C) Some people who dislike long summers are not snowboarders. (D) All people who dislike long summers are snowboarders. (E) All doctors are snowboarders. E should be answer Minder

Wavicle Data Solutions

const add=()=>{ let x=1; return ()=>x+1; } add(); add(); console.log(add())

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According to the interviewer, the answer to this question is 4. The interviewer was an architect. I think you can now understand the standard of this company. Minder

()=>x+1 A function will be returned as add function returns a function


Online : 1) Nearest to zero element in an array 2) Longest prefix program 3) single loop reversal of string online questions require you to fill the logic only , not to write the entire program Pen paper : input =['acr', 'bat','car','atb','rca','rac','xyz'] desired output: [ ['acr','car','rca','rac'], ['bat','atb'],['xyz']] i.e grouping of psuedonyms .

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let arr = ["acr", "bat", "car", "atb", "rca", "rac", "xyz"]; let flag = 0; let result = []; let pos = 0; for (let i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) { if (!result.flat().includes(arr[i])) { result.push([arr[i]]); pos += 1; for (let j = i + 1; j < arr.length; j++) { if (arr[i].length === arr[j].length) { for (let k = 0; k < arr[i].length; k++) { if (arr[j].includes(arr[i][k])) { flag += 1; } } if (flag == arr[i].length) { result[pos - 1].push(arr[j]); } flag = 0; } } } } console.log(result); Minder

Bajaj Finance

Tell me about the projects that you have worked on.

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I told them about the projects that I worked during my college, explained about each one of them in 2 minutes average. Only talked about the projects mentioned on my resume. Minder

How to generate customer need Solve their problem or quirry help them


What is the difference between a standard function() and an arrow function (JavaScript)

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Arrow function doesn't have access to this and arrow function doesn't have arguments object inside a function, where standard function have Minder

Regular have the argument object, arrow doesn't have.


Describe Redux

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I gave a thumbnail sketch of what it does and how you use it.

A local central data store to access data (states) from every component so as to avoid re-writing the code to access required state in each component Minder

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React code test (home) - create a countdown timer animation 2 days is given

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Javascript code test - fill in the missing part of the code < please create a function call removeDuplicate, and the function would able to remove all duplicate characters from a string, such as turn “aaaabbbccc” to “abc”. 10min is given Minder

Prime IT

There were no questions

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No questions

Teknuance Info Solutions

tell about yourself?

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as usual i answered

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