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Er werd een Process Developer gevraagd...13 augustus 2012

what if company in losses , dividend declaration

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Manager Round was really good and deep in the domain.

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Any idea what they asked for techincal solution engineer position?

Any idea what they asked for techincal solution engineer position?

Genpact Mortgage

Role play being a team leader handle the team where you have 5 members and 2 member want leave due to urgent work and you need to get the work done and cant approve the leave for both you can only approve the leave for 1.

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I will ask one person to come in the first half and second to later half.


Tell me about your self

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I answer very confidently


Inheritance real time example

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By giving real time example


Task for machine interview develop using Re framework

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General uipath questions scenario based


Related to finance

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Gave all the answers correctly


what excites you most in workplace and why did you take up your current job.

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depends upon interviewee

Uster Technologies

Tell me about yourself. Why do you want to change? Why Uster? Relocation questions. What is your knowledge about DSPs/Signal Processing?

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1. I m really energatic and a great communicator. Working in Textile Spinning sector for 24 Years helped me to build confidence and taught me the importance of customer loyalty. 2. Signal processing allows engineers and scientists to analyze, optimize, and correct signals, including scientific data, audio streams, images, and video. Minder


why do you want to quite your current job and justify.

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as per candidate

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