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Er werd een PL/SQL Software Developer gevraagd...10 mei 2016

Not unexpectedly, the manager was particularly interested in my experience in gathering requirements and creating designs.

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What kind of design excersice did you have to present? something related to data modelling? I'm just curious Minder

It was a high-level design for a loan application, including the architecture and data model for the application. Minder

Because I had 12 years as team lead on a top priority application, I had good stories to relate about my experience gathering requirements and creating designs. Minder


how to transform a string into comma separated values

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use split()


TransSys Solutions

I have weight machine, I put 100 KG gold on one side and 100 KG cotton on another side, which weight is heavier??

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hey make sense answer for this question is((no change)) you kept that so called gold and cotton just beside that weight machine not on the machine so no need to beat your bush mates Minder

Both are equal.

Clarity Partners

What is the tnsnames?

2 antwoorden

it is a folder that contain database connection informations.

It is a file that contains a database connections information


find top 10 employee by using DENSE RANK.? SELECT 10 FROM DUAL MINUS SELECT 5 FROM DUAL.? Query for deleting duplicate rows. Write a procedure to store all the data from a table to a collection table.

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Select * from (select e. *,dense_rank()over(order by Sal desc)r from emp )where r<=10; Minder

Select salary from (select salary ,dense_rank() over (order by salary desc) as d_rank from table_name) where d_rank<=10 Minder

3i Infotech

Calculate the no of exp of the employees from the joining date from table?

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I didn't answer. Answer is- select abs(months_between(SYSDATE,to_date(joining_date,'dd-mm-yyyy'))) exp from dual; Minder

Select months_between(sysdate,hire-date)/12 from table

3i Infotech

Out of n records the query to pickup 3 to 8 records from a table?

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select * from tablename where rownum between 3 and 8; but it's not a correct one. the answer is - select * from (select name,dense_rank() over (order by id asc) rank from customers) where rank between 3 and 8; Minder

Select * from (select tablename. *, rownum r from tablename) where r between 3 and 8 ; Minder

Pilat Media Global

Assessment XML: Multiple XPATH Data retrievals from a supplied data set.

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Take your time. There are duplicate tag names in the XML at different levels so be careful to follow each level in the XPATH query. Minder


They asked me to write an Oracle procedure that would select data from 3 tables and update a 4th table. (handwritten, not in Oracle) This was to be completed in 15 minutes.

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Created the procedure using selects that contained inner and outer joins. Completed it within the allotted timeframe. Minder


Materialized Views. Whether once can drop an MV, if yes then what will happen to its table. Types of MV. Grants and Privileges. Synonyms. Autonomous Transactions. Parallel Hints. Benefits of Packages. Performance Tuning.

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I answered all the questions. The level was quite average.

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