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Sollicitatievragen voor Java gedeeld door sollicitanten

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Do you know any design patters?

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I listed a few, and then the interview asked about the one he didn't know himself.

Klassieke HR-vragen tot de laatste ronde. In de laatste ronde krijg je een aantal zeer interessante en uitdagende vragen over algemene algoritmische kennis. Je kunt je daar niet echt op voorbereiden. Ze zijn ook zeer geïnteresseerd in je algemene kennis,

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That was questions from Backbase Banking architect : 1. How would you describe Scrum ? 2. What source code management system do you use ? 3. What experience do you have with enterprise service bus ? 4. Do you have experience with Big Data ?

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That was a question from Backbase Java team lead : How would you design persistent layer ?

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What is the different between PUT and POST in REST?

What is the difference between TCP and UDP in socket programming?

I had a lot of questions about architecture and team dynamics and personality

What is the motivation to come to work on Monday?

In Codility I has to solve: Sorting data based on Grouping in Java and SQL Group by query. Hiring manager was very strange they were looking for a replica of their own team rather than a new software developer. I answered all the questions and discussed about the working paradigm. Since each company has its own culture and working paradigm but he was not getting this point. An excuse I got was that You work with legacy systems and small teams. This is really really strange.

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