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Klassieke HR-vragen tot de laatste ronde. In de laatste ronde krijg je een aantal zeer interessante en uitdagende vragen over algemene algoritmische kennis. Je kunt je daar niet echt op voorbereiden. Ze zijn ook zeer geïnteresseerd in je algemene kennis,

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Very interesting.. would go on the interview again just for the experience and challenge:)

Do you know any design patters?

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That was questions from Backbase Banking architect : 1. How would you describe Scrum ? 2. What source code management system do you use ? 3. What experience do you have with enterprise service bus ? 4. Do you have experience with Big Data ?

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That was a question from Backbase Java team lead : How would you design persistent layer ?

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Codility test , Java, Threading, Postgres

General questions about Java development, concurrency, Spring and the projects I was working on. There was also a development case which required mostly basic Spring knowledge. For a frontend developer the development case it is usually revolving around angular.

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Make a Rest Webservice from scratch . What all will you need and why?

I had a lot of questions about architecture and team dynamics and personality

Typical HR question, nothing spectacular.

It had 3 questions: One was programming question. Second was to find a bug in the code. Third was to solve a SQL query. There was sufficient time to solve the problems.

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