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questions based on your test, problem solving approach, java multithreading, query optimization etc.

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I've got an interview with them too. Could you please brief your experience? Thanks much.

Hi can you share your experience of face to face interview. Thanks

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Write palindrome program

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All the questions were related to me as a person and how I have gained the experience. What my drive is and ambitions to further my career.

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k8s and kafaka are not good

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Online programming test

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Question related to past experience.

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Basic work experience questions based on your CV. Very simple cryptography questions. For example, difference between symmetric key and asymmetric key.

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Wat was het meest bijzondere wat ik de afgelopen twee jaar heb gedaan?

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General questions about Java development, concurrency, Spring and the projects I was working on. There was also a development case which required mostly basic Spring knowledge. For a frontend developer the development case it is usually revolving around angular.

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