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What's your favorite text editor?

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What software you use to track the up-time status of x application.

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Tell me some other software patterns, apart of MVC

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Create a CRUD API, and interface for it, add it to Github, create test cases

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Assuming you have to manage two different servers and you want both to be synchronized, even if there is a power failure in one of them, how would you manage that?

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Mostly behavioural questions about team work, refactoring and coding styles. Mostly they check you whether are you suitable for the team or not. Actual test is the assesment.

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Q. They asked me about my work experience, How making Laravel package, How to secure Laravel application.

Do you also work on projects outside of school/work?

What do you expect to learn during your internship?

I have applied for the position and it was the exact match and they rejected saying its not a match without mentioning any reason or justification, dont waste your time

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