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Er werd een Javascript Engineer gevraagd...15 mei 2013

In Javascript, how would you make a variable read-only?

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declaring a variable using const keyword. This declares a read-only named constant Minder

There are few solutions, one is to use revealing modular pattern where you return function that only retrieves value of property, and everything is wrapped in closure. Other solution is to use Object.defineProperty where you cane be specific and set write value of object property. Minder

There is no "const" keyword back in 2013 when the question was asked.

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Convert : person_First_Name to personFirstName

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var name = "person_First_Name"; var d = name.split("_").join(""); console.log(d); Minder


function convertor(name){ let result="" splittedNames=name.split("_")>{ result+=a }) console.log(result); } convertor("Person_First_Name") Minder

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4)write program to remove duplicate in an array

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function removeDuplicateUsingSet(arr){ let unique_array = Array.from(new Set(arr)) return unique_array } Minder

var chars1 = ['A', 'B', 'A', 'C', 'B']; var uniqueChars2 = []; chars1.forEach((c) => { if(!uniqueChars2.includes(c)) { uniqueChars2.push(c); } }) Minder

for(let i=0; i

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How will you put a child div in center to outer container?

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{display:block; margin:0 auto;}

Margin : auto

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6) what will be the value of a and b if Var a = 5 +7 + “8” Var b = “8”+5+7

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a = 128 b= 857

a=128 b=124

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Q : About Basic tech knowledge and one good assignment

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Please do assignment carefully


Did you write the perfect cookie cutter cover letter, complete is "proper capitalization of our oh-so-creative company name!" when you sent your resume?

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You do realize that JavaScript is a case-sensitive language, right?

No. I expect potential employers to be more interested in my extensive relevant experience, above and beyond my ability to compose an email. Minder


Using a nested for() loop is inefficient, can you do it more efficient than the native String.indexOf() method? Without nesting for loops or recursion.

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Convert the strings to objects with each word being added as a property to speed up the lookup. I had heard of this technique but never done it myself. Minder

sort the words will be done in n Log n . for each word in 1st string do binary search on other string which will run in n log n so overall complexity will be n log n. Minder

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To reverse a string without using reverse keyword.

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Can use the loop in structure


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2)How to clear an array by different way

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A = []; orelse; A .length=0; orelse; loop it till length is 0 and pop all elements Minder

arr.splice(0, arr.length)

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